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New Rochelle Car Rental

New Rochelle happens to be a city that is located in the Westchester County in New York, and situated near the south-eastern portion of the state. Initially the land was occupied by refugees from France, but it has now been filled with people from different ethnicities. You would need to go for New Rochelle car rental providers in order to ensure that you move about the city seamlessly. Facilities such as collision damage waiver, third party liability insurance, would be provided to you free of cost by the New Rochelle car rental providers. If you are in need of an extremely cheap rental car, then you can make use of the online booking facility that is only available in New Rochelle car rental providers.

New Rochelle- Highlights

New Rochelle is a place that has a lot of landmarks, and is a sure shot attraction for tourists from all over the world. You would find people trying to rent a car in New Rochelle, and visit the Columbia Island, in which there is a transmitter, which can actually be viewed from a very long distance. There is also the landmark of execution rocks Lighthouse, which is in the middle of Long Island Sound, and a must visit for people who love iconic landmarks.

There is also the Huckleberry Island, which is an important nesting site for a lot of water birds, and can be called a mini-sanctuary and is a treasure for ornithologists. You would need to go for New Rochelle car hire providers, in order to ensure that you can visit all these places, and many more like the St John's Wilmot Church Leland Castle, Thomas Paine historical site, and the Trinity-St Paul's Episcopal Church.

For a view of the wonderful life in New Rochelle, you would need to hire a car in New Rochelle and zap around the entire city.

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