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Syracuse Car Rental

Syracuse is a city that is located in the centre of Onondanga County that is present in New York. People flock to this place due to the fact that it hosts the great New York State fair, which is an annual event, and most of them use the services of Syracuse car rental providers in order to reach the destination safely. It is very important for people to go for private transport, and that is the reason that most of them opt for Syracuse car rental providers when the State fair is in progress. Facilities such as roadside breakdown assistance, third party liability insurance, parking fee waiver is provided to you free of cost if you go for Syracuse car rental providers.

Syracuse– Highlights

Syracuse as a lot of places which you can visit, the most notably would have to be the Clinton Square. You would find people lazing around the square the entire day, and due to the greenery as well as the wonderful fountains that are prevalent in this place, people do not tend to forget this place very easily. For tourists, this can be a wonderful introduction to the city of Syracuse, and most of them tend to rent a car in Syracuse, so as to visit places of interest without availing any other mode of transport.

Syracuse also has the University Hill, the armory Square, the Strathmore and the Franklin Square, which are all famous tourist attractions. For an evening walk by the riverside, you can go to the inner harbor, which has been neatly done up, and converted to somewhat of a park, which many tourists frequent, and spend their entire evenings in. There is also a shopping district known as the Marshall Street, which can interest people, and they would need to hire a car in Syracuse, so as to shop till they drop.

For the ultimate experience in Syracuse, take the help of rental cars that you can avail from Syracuse car hire providers.

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